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Automatic Labelling Machines

Buy Automatic labeling machines in Nairobi Kenya available for business and personal use. Shop for automatic labeling machines in Nairobi.

Product Description

The labeling equipment is for the round bottle labeling in the industry like food, oil, pharma, wine, cosmetics and so on. The machine with elegant design can be easily operated and maintained by the common worker, who requires no special training in operation this machine. Just give a simple adjustment to produce another product when you want to swap the different kinds bottle labeling. 1. Machine suitable for any shape product two sides labeling, such as bottle, can, carton, food container, medicine, daily chemical industry and so on. 2. PLC and touch screen control panel with easy operation, many units parameter setting and save. 3. Automatic stop when label breaks down or runs out, Malfunction self-testing and display with alarm. 4. Machine can use alone or connect with filling packing line use. 5. All components are precisely processed by CNC to ensure high quality. 6. All electrical configurations are big international brand, such as Simens, Mitsubishi, WEINVIEW, Danfoss, Schneider, Yaskawa, Keyence, Omron, SMC and so on. 7. High labeling accuracy, long-time using. Main Technical Data:
Specification Linear Round Bottle Linear flat bottle single/double sided self-adhesive labeling machine
Production capability Maximum 8000pcs/hour, continuously variable speed, subject to material size
Applicable bottle Flat, square, elliptical and round bottle
Applicable label size 15-300mm wide, 15-280 mm high(customizable)
Labeling Requirements Inner diameter 76mm, outer diameter<320mm, clockwise winding, interval equidistant 3mm
Power supply 220V, 50HZ
Power 2KW
Compressed air 4-6 bar( if required)
Equipment dimensions 3000 x 1500x 1500mm (length x width x height)
Gross weight 450Kg

Manual Labelling Machine

Buy Manual labelling machines in Nairobi Kenya available for business and personal use. Shop for Manual labelling machines in Nairobi. Description:

This is a label applicator for round or cylindrical containers, including bottles, cans, jars, and tubes. It is an entry-level model and easy to use.

Main Parameter:

Model: KPL-M-50 Speed: 30times/min Accuracy: +/-0.5mm Label Roll inner diameter: ≥75mm Label Roll Out  diameter: ≤190mm Bottle diameter: 15-120mm,H≤150mm Label width: 10-110mm Label Length: 10-300mm Machine size: 400*240*210mm Machine weight: 4.5kg

Semi-automatic Labeling Machine

Buy Semi-automatic labelling machines in Nairobi Kenya available for business and personal use. Shop for Semi-automatic labelling machines in Nairobi. To label plastic or glass bottles, powerful and highly precise labeling systems are needed. Flat, oval, cylindrical – a wide range of formats must be labeled, whether at pharmaceutical labeling, in the food and beverage industries or in the production of cosmetics. In the beverage industry especially, applying labels is no easy task: Despite having traveled through a drying system, the bottles are often not just moist but practically wet. For many high-volume consumer products or small-format products, high speeds and throughputs need to be achieved. This requires high-performance systems. Often it is also necessary to align the labels, for instance to visually match the position of a wrap-around label to the position of an additional lid label. Our labeling systems perfectly align glass and plastic bottles so that labels are accurately applied. Model: MT50 Labeling speed: 25-30 pcs/minMax. Label size: 150mmX230mm Bottle diameter: Φ20-120mm Labeling accuracy: ±0.5% Max.roll diameter: Φ250mm Voltage: 110V/220V 50/60HZ Power: 55W Note:Tags need to play code, can be customized.