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Automatic Flow Packing Machine

Automatic Flow Packing Machine Nairobi Kenya: This machine can pack all kinds of solid regular object packaging like bread,biscuit,candy,instant noodles etc. Packing speed:30-220 bags/min Bag type:Back sealing and 3 sides sealing in Nairobi Kenya This machine can pack all kinds of solid regular object packaging like bread,biscuit,candy,instant noodles etc.
Packing speed:30-220 bags/min
Bag type:Back sealing and 3 sides sealing

Automatic Paper Towel Packaging Line

-2500This series wet wipes production line designed for wet wipe industry.It is fully automaitc and effectively avoid secondary pollution.Make your wet wipes more competitive. Specification:  
Model HDZJ-2500
Packing speed 40-200 bags/min
Bag type Back sealing/Three side sealing
Packing size L:90-330mm W:30-100mm H:1-40mm
Calculation film width (W+H) x 2 +30 mm
Max diameter of film ≤230mm
Power 3.8Kw 220V 50/60 HZ

Automatic Paper Towel,Chopsticks And Toothpick Packaging Machine

Packing bag size:W:30-100mm L:90-330mm(other size can be customed)
Bag type:3 sides sealing
Packing speed:30-150 bags/min

Automatic Single-piece Wet Wipes Packing Line

This automatic packing machine designed for packing wet wipes. It is fully automatic to effectively avoid secondary contamination & to Make your wet wipes more competitive due to high hygiene levels. Specification:  
Model KPL-260
Packing speed 30-250 bags/min
Bag type Back sealing/Three side sealing
Packing size L:50-250mm W:20-100mm H:1-20mm
Calculation film width (W+H) x 2 +30 mm
width of non-woven fabrics 100-320mm
Film width ≤250mm
Max diameter of film ≤380mm
Max winding diameter of non-woven fabrics 1000mm
Film material BOPP Complex film etc
Power 2.8Kw 220V 50/60 HZ

Full Servo Pillow Type Packing Machine

Servo Packing Machine Nairobi Kenya: The full servo pillow packing machine in Nairobi Kenya offered here are equipped with intelligent options and can perform precise packaging works across various spectrums Full servo pillow type packing machine use a conveyor fed automatic operation. Soft feed conveyors carry products into the system and places them inside the folded shrink film. An adjustable sealing arm raises and lowers as products move through the system. Once sealed, the closed pouch is then moved into a shrink tunnel, shrinking and tightening the film.


Model KPL-KD-600S
Packing speed 50-120 bags/min
suitable film thickness 0.03-0.06mm
Packing width 25-280mm
Packing length 65-350mm
packing height 20-100mm
Film material PP POF PVC
Total power 7.8Kw
Power supply 220V/50 HZ


  • Easy operating
  • Easy setting,no trial run
  • Color code tracking
  • Multi Language Operator Interface
  • Colour coded touch screen
  • Safety Devices: Emergency Stops, Seal Jaw Safety Switches, Protective Guards, and Safety Interlocks on All Access Panels

Modified Atmosphere Packing Machine

What is Modified Atmosphere Packing? Composite air conditioning fresh-keeping packaging is also known as gas displacement packaging, known as MAP packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packing) in the world. Compound gas switch installed principle is to use compound fresh gas (2-3 kinds of gas according to the characteristics of food mixing ratio), to the replacement of air in the box or bag, change box (bag) within the food of the external environment, to inhibit the growth of bacteria (microbial), reducing the speed of the metabolism of fresh fruits and vegetables, so as to extend the freshness and shelf life of food. The air-conditioned fresh-keeping gas generally consists of carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and a small amount of special gases. CO2 gas can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most spoilage bacteria and molds, and is the main bacteriostatic component in the protective gas. O2 can inhibit the growth and reproduction of most anaerobic spoilage bacteria, maintain the color of fresh meat, and maintain the aerobic respiration of fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain freshness. N2 is an inert gas and has no effect on food. As a filling gas, it forms a compound fresh-keeping gas with CO2, O2 and special gases. Different food fruits and vegetables, the composition and proportion of fresh-keeping gas are also different.
Packaging effect display packing speed:1700-2000 boxes/hour

Spaghetti/Noodle/Long Pasta packing machine

Automatic Italian Long Pasta Pillow Packing Machine in Nairobi Kenya for Instant Stick Noodle Packing Spaghetti Noodle Packaging Machine


Contains: 1, bulk noodle packing machine: one set, 2, conveyor line: one set, 3, weighting machine: three set, 4,lifting engine (elevator):three set, Application : automatically finish the process of weighting, outputting, filling and sealed packing of the Spaghetti and noodle
Object: Noodle, Spaghetti & Long Pasta
length of the noodle 200g~500g:(180~260mm)±5.0mm;500g~1000g:(240~260mm)±5.0mm
Thickness of the noodle 0.6~1.4mm
width of the noodle 0.8~3.0mm
packing rate 30-60/min
weight range 200~500g   200~1000g
exact value   for 1-1.7mm spaghetti 200~500g ,±2.0g-96%; 500~1000g,±3.0g-96%;
Dimensions 6700mm×3400mm×1650mm
voltage AC220v/50-60HZ/5800W


With the help of the servomotor, the packing procedure is very smooth and stable. And the packed products are neat. Reduces labor cost by decreasing the labor intensity. The capacity of one line is around 30mt-48mt per day, only required one person for monitoring. The numbers of scales can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement.