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Automatic Linear Liquid Filling Machines

From our range of Liquid filling machines, the HZGY 1000 is an In Line automatic liquid filler, for liquids  with four dispensing nozzles. Also, it comes with a choice of gear pump 1.5L 6L 10L as well as an option of 20L dependent on fill size. Operated from a touch screen it can store over 200 recipes.   Finally, It is primarily used in the cdaily chemical and oil industry by companies with medium to large scale production runs. It has been used for other applications so please ask about yours. In addition, the product to be filled is drawn up a hose by the gear pump or as an option Lobe pumps can be used. Specification
Model HZGY 1000-4D
Filling speed 1000-1200 bph
Filling accuracy ±1%
Conveyor length 2m
Required air compressor ≥7.5 Kw 200L
Voltage 220V 50-60HZ
Power 400W
  • it has Technoflow a liquid filling system
  • Gear pump or lobe pump option
  • Repeat filling accuracy of +/- 1%
  • colour touch screen capable
  • Accurate and repeatable servo filling technology
  • Complete nozzle range to suit all filling medias
  • Multiple adjustments without the need to stop the machine
  • Smooth and accurate container handling
  • Fast product changeovers
 Optional filling quantity 30-100ml/30-300ml/50-500ml/100-1000ml 200-1500ml/300-2500ml/1000-5000ml  Optional quantity of filling head 2/4/6/8/10/12 heads