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Milk Cooling Tanks

Milk Cooling Tank 500 Litres model CDX0.5KOTSC1P Direct Expansion Cooling Tank (Open Tank Semi Cylindrical Rectangular Shape) Capacity 500 Litres Has Large Opening Lids For Easy Access and Rounded Internal Corners to facilitate thorough Cleaning Tank Insulation Is Provided By Factory Injected Polyurethane Foam Of 50mm All Control System Integral Condensing Units Hermetic Type With R22 Refrigerant.  
A Bulk Milk Cooling Tank 500 Ltr.
1(a) Rated Capacity in Litres. 500
1 (b) Gross Capacity in Litres. 550
2 (a) Make KPL
2 (b) Model CDX -500LOTSP
3 Material used for construction AISI 304
4 Shape and Orientation Open Type Horizontal/Rectangular
5 Overall Dimensions and Weight 2388X980X1100/200Kg (Approx)
6 (a) Thickness of inner shells 2.0 MM
6 (b) Thickness of outer shells 1.6 MM
7 (a) Number of Agitator One
7 (b) RPM of agitator (s) (Approx.) 23-25 RPM
8 CIP facility Manual with Long Handle Brush
  9 (a)   Type of insulation By injection in situ of High Density 40kg/cu.m, CFC free PUF without any imperfection and hygroscopicity,
9 (b) Thickness of insulation 50 mm in walls & 90mm above evaporator
    9 ©     Efficiency of insulation (0.019 Watt/MK) 50°C ambient the rate of rise of mean temp. of Milk Initially at 4°C shall not Exceed 1°C in 4 hour when rated volume is allowed to stand - still as per requirement of ISO 5708 2A(II)
10 Facility to Measure Milk Volume SS Calibrated Dipstick with value chart
11 SS Milk Transfer Pump 1HP-5000 LPH (10 MWC)(1 Phase)
B Refrigeration Unit
1 Type Direct Expansion Open Type
2 (a) Type of Compressor Hermetically Sealed Reciprocating
2 © Model of Compressor CR 22 / MT22
2 (d) Size (Nominal HP) of compressor 1 Ton
3 Condenser Air Cooled, Finned Tube Type
3 (a) Make of Condenser
3 (b) Model of Condenser CS22
3 (d) Size of Condenser 21" X 24"- 3 Row
4 (a) No. of Compressor One
4 (b) Min Cooling Capacity of Compressor (kcal/hr) at 0°C evaporating & 55°C Condensing Temperature 3150 at 7.2°C
5 No. of Fans One
  6 Overall Dimensions and Weight of the Refrigeration Unit   32"X24"X17.5"-60 KG
7 Receiver Size & Capacity 6L
8 (a) Thermostatic Expansion Valve DANFOSS TEX-2T WITH EQUALISER
8 b) Thermostatic Expansion Valve Make DANFOSS / ALCO
8 c) Thermostatic Expansion Valve Size DANFOSS TEX-2 WITH EQUALISER
8 d) Thermostatic Expansion Valve Capacity ORIFACE-5
9 Type of Refrigerant Freon-R 22 / Eco friendly
10 Power Supply Single Phase
C Design Parameters
1 Ambient temperature considered for design 43 Deg C
2 Maximum Cooling Time considered for all and second milking For All Milking 3.0 Hours & for Second Milking 1.5 Hours
3 Temperature range considered for ALL & SECOND Milking All Milking - 35° C - 4° C Second Milking 10°C to 4°C
D Electricals
Power Supply Single Phase
1 Connected Load Watts/Amps
2 Compressor 1 Ton / 6.0 amps
3 Condenser Fan 180/0.4 Amps
4 Agitator 120 W/ 0.4 AMP
  6 Maximum/Surge current drawn by the Compressor (S)   1 KW / 6.0 Amp