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Automatic Codding Machine

Automatic Codding Machine Nairobi Kenya: Encode products reliably with Automatic coding machines. Our automatic coding machine selection covers styles of coder, with options for dates, bar codes and more

LEIBINGER JET2 NEO inkjet printer (Made in Germany)

The mid-range continuous inkjet printer for all standard marking and coding applications For customers around the world, the JET2neo is the “go-to” continuous inkjet printer, capable of all standard applications. Incorporating Leibinger’s unique Sealtronic technology, which minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity, the JET2neo is also known for its outstanding, German-made reliability. The JET2neoS prints data such as best-before-dates, production dates and lot numbers on up to four lines, with a variety of options and inks available – bringing you fast, reliable performance combined with low power and solvent consumption. Saves on consumables -cut costs We want our customers to produce a lot. And use as little as possible. Therefore, every Leibinger inkjet printer works with only 20 watts of electrical power consumption, so that very little energy is required to achieve outstanding printing results. We minimize solvent and ink consumption with innovations such as the thermal barrier integrated in the housing, which separates the ink circuit from the electronic components. Keeping ink cool means less evaporation. And of course Sealtronic technology reduces solvent evaporation by preventing the ink from being exposed to the air. In addition, our ink cartridges with an extra high capacity offer a 19% higher production volume compared to most commercially available containers. Many cartridges available on the market need to be changed while there are still significant amounts of ink remaining. Leibinger cartridges, on the other hand, always empty themselves completely, which enables more prints per bottle and easy recycling without dangerous residues.   Durable and easy to maintain Leibinger printers are not only manufactured to the highest technical standards. They also have unique features that make them more reliable to use and easier to maintain. The printhead is made of extremely durable materials - but at the same time it is designed in such a way that practically all printhead components can be replaced individually if necessary. It is therefore not necessary to replace the entire printhead. The stainless steel housing is designed for a long service life and is manufactured with a minimal use of plastic. And our intelligent pump system no longer runs continuously, but only every six seconds. This means less wear and tear, lower energy costs, a longer service life and fewer unscheduled downtimes. Leibinger printers are designed for low-waste and environmentally friendly maintenance. This is also designed to be simple enough that you can do it yourself if necessary. Of course, we also offer you our cost-effective Maintenance PRO program for preventive maintenance. Either way, you can be sure that every Leibinger printer will do a great job and ensure high productivity for years to come.   Easy to use and easy to integrate   Our products are designed to keep your production line moving. But we also know that they have to be easy to use and integrate: after all, nothing can be produced in the time it takes to set up the production line. With a variety of different models and a range of accessories, we ensure that Leibinger printers can be integrated into practically any production line. We have printheads with printhead ventilation for dusty or humid environments. We have sliding tables, head rests, underframes and the JETmotion truss system that can be adapted to the way you work. You can adjust the nozzle size for finer printing or the angle of the printhead for use in tight spaces. A range of connectivity options allow you to connect to any conceivable infrastructure or system. In addition, we ensure that our solutions are just as easy to use as your PC, with a clear and intuitive real image display. We want to make sure our printers blend in with your business - so you spend less time setting up and more time coding. JET2neo at a glance
  • Powerful CIJ solution for all standard coding and marking applications
  • 3-line printing of fixed and variable data
  • Up to 268 m/min
  • Sealtronic print head technology rids clogging and frequent head cleaning
  • High efficiency to help control operating costs
  • Reduced solvent consumption
  • Range of functions and interfaces
  • Multiple inks available
  • Ideal for most industries
  • LEIBINGER industrial coding and marking systems contain no cores, cubes, ink modules or expensive assembly units that need replacing. Long service intervals, high energy efficiency and low solvent consumption thanks to Sealtronic.

Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machines

Buy Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machines in Nairobi Kenya at a great price. The Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machines is made of high-quality material, safe and durable. On Automatic Models We have various machines depending on desired production capacity. A. 1/Single Lane - Production capacity of 1300-1500 Cups per hour. Machine Specifications  
- Machine Model KPL-DHR-11 Rotary Model
- Machine Capacity Max.1500 Pcs/hours
- Filling Material Yoghurt
-  Number of Filling Lanes Single lanes
- Filling weights 100 gr- 500 gr
- Hopper Capacity 25 lt
- Cup Mouth Diameter Ø 95 Ø 73
B. 2/Double Lane - Production capacity of 2500-2800 Cups per hour. C. 3 Lane - Production capacity of 3600-4000 Cups per hour. D. 4 Lane - Production capacity of 5100-5500 Cups per hour. E. 5 Lane - Production capacity of 5800-6000 Cups per hour. F. 6 Lane - Production capacity of 6600-7000 Cups per hour. G. 8 Lane - Production capacity of 8800-9500 Cups per hour.

Manual Codding Machines

Manual coding machines in Nairobi Kenya:  Our Manual coding machine selection covers styles of coder, with options for dates, bar codes and more.  Hand Stamping System can be used for Printing and Marking Batch No., Mfg. Date., Exp. Date., M.R.P.Rs., etc. on pouch, Tin, Labels, Cartons, Foils etc. Manual Coding Machine is a very easy to operate by hand. It is light weight, self inking, durable & reliable hand-held manual coder. Hand Stamping System can be used for Printing and Marking Batch No., Mfg. Date., Exp. Date., M.R.P.Rs., etc. on pouch, Tin, Labels, Cartons, Foils etc. Manual Coding Machine is a very easy to operate by hand. It is light weight, self inking, durable & reliable hand-held manual coder. Manual Coder for the production requirement of approximately up to 500 pieces per day per to print help with special batch coding ink and Ink activator for reducer ink viscosity it stronger than permanent marker ink on most shiny surfaces, including shiny papers, most plastics, metals and glass. Hand Code is self inking by especially formulated & processed felt pad. Hand Stamping System is date printing equipment, Hand-held Coding Machine is work on imitated, absorbent & non absorbent surface. Manual batch coding machine provide interchangeable one (Letter) Grooved, Flat Rubber, Metal, Nylon Stereos Kit Box any one with each coder. Available in Dot Matrix type also.

Manual Cup Sealer Machine

Buy manual plastic cup sealing machine in Nairobi Kenya at a great price. The manual plastic cup sealing machine is made of high-quality material, safe and durable. This is a Manual Universal Yoghurt Cup Foil Sealer (20ml/50ml/100ml/150ml/250ml/500ml cups)

New Type Sauce Packing Machine

1.SS  brand  bearing  in the  rotary  vavle 2.Piston  seal ring: anti_friction  temperature resistant 3:  connecting  part :ea sy clean  and  replace 4: high Filling accuracy 5.No  blocking   Design is upgraded to  coaxial double action high speed smooth and stable sealing can do for back seal and three side seal Sealing blocks are all coated with  non stick Teflon and the temperature  reaches 400 degrees,  smooth non stick package, corrosion resistance coating is not easy to fall off, sealing is clear and beautiful.

Production Line for Liquid And Paste Filling

Featuring an enclosed jaw drive and a rugged stainless steel frame, the line is the best packaging machine for coffee bean, seed and other irregular product. Stainless steel, durable construction lets the line package in the harshest dusty.. Optional washdown construction allows cleaning the machine to stringent food quality regulations. SPECIFICATIONS
Model HL6/8-200K
Bag length 80-200mm
Bag width 80-300mm
Capacity 10-1500g
Meter equipment computer combination scale material conveyor work platform
Accuracy Average accuracy ≤±1%
Supply power 4Kw
Working Process  
  • Robust 304 stainless steel frame
  • Enclosed, direct drive jaw actuation
  • Off-the-shelf components
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Short film path
  • Small machine footprint
  • No tool change-over
  • Automatic film tracking
  • Quick film splice table
  • Product stagers
  • End-seal cooling air
  • Photo-eye and encoder
  • Jaw obstruction detection
  • Runs most film structures
  Bag Style

Semi-Automatic Codding Machines

Buy Semi-Automatic Codding Machines Nairobi Kenya: Encode products reliably with coding machines. Our semi automatic coding machine selection covers styles of coder, with options for dates, bar codes and more


1. Takes use of the hot stamp printing technology instead of the ink printing; 2. Can print clearly on various soft seal material; 3. Special change type struture, more convinient to change the type; 4. Perfect code, light weight, easy to operate, modular design, convenient maintenance and repair costs low; 5. Constant temperature control; 6. Operating temperature can be adjusted to fit for different seal material and color bar; 7. Widely used to print product date, weight etc. in the industry of the food, drinks etc.
Model: KPL-HP-23 Printing speed: 20-100 times / min Working temperature: 0-200 ℃ Printing row number: 1-3 rows can be printed Number of printing lines: a row can hold 14 characters Preheating time: 5-10 minutes

Semi-Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Buy Semi-Automatic Cup Filling Sealing Machine in Nairobi Kenya at a great price. The Semi-Automatic Cup sealing machine is made of high quality material, safe and durable. The semi-automatic cup filling & sealing machine is designed to fill liquid & viscous products, such as yoghurt, mayonnaise, ketchup, honey, cosmetic cream,
Products that can be filled Yoghurt, yoghurt with fruit, Ayran, milk, water, kefir, cheese, fruit juices, jam, honey, marmalade, ketchup, mayonnaise, sauce types, cream, chocolate, ice cream, oil types, cosmetics, liquid foods, powder products, etc.
Filling Weight 100-500ML
Filling Systems Pneumatic (Suction-Pressing), Servo Motor, Screw (helical), Self-Flow Filling Systems
Capacity Depends on operator
Sealing Systems Pre-cut
Pneumatic pressure requirement 6-8 bar
Used Electric voltage 220V
Materials Used 304 and 316 stainless material