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Automatic Bag Stitching Machine

Introduction of High Performance Top Quality Automatic Bag Sewing/Closing Machine: Photoelectric switch controls start and stop of machine, automatic cutting, automatic folding, Suitable for higher automation plants, feed mills, fertilizer plants, food processing plants, ports, terminals and other enterprises to realize the full M-woven materials, paper bags, bags and other automatic packet.
Parameter :
Model KPL-35-6A
Motor sewing machine 0.37 KW
folding machine 0.15 KW
conveyor 0.55 K W
Speed 5-15m/min,300-600 bags/hour
Voltage 380v
Bag Height 300-1000mm

Automatic Induction Sealing Machines

  • Magnetic induction sealer
  • High quality sealing machine for aluminium foils to plastics & glass bottle
  • Leak proof sealing for better shelf life
  • Very good for pharmaceutical, chemical & food industries
  • Can be intergrated to automatic production lines
  • Ideal for high production units
  • Variable conveyor speed

Continuous Band Sealers

  • High speed and productivity
  • Variable conveyor speed controller
  • Temperature controller for fine adjustment
  • Can be assembled in vertical & horizontal position
  • 12mm sealing

Foot Operated Sealers

KPL series film sealing machine suitable for sealing various plastic & Aluminium films to produces bag, widely used in food ,medicine, chemical industry ,light industry products, chemcials, electronic components and other industries, it is also used in factories, shops and other departments for  better sealing equipment .
Model PFS-350 PFS-450 PFS-650
voltage 500W 1000W 1200W
Sealing Length 350mm 450mm 650mm
Sealing Width                                               8mm
Heat Time                                               0.2-2s
Packing size                                   800x5 30x 250mm
Machine weight 18kg 20kg 24kg
  • Adjustable electronic timer
  • Adjustable bag rest
  • Visual indication during sealing
  • Both polythene and laminated pouches can be sealed

Hand Operated Sealing Machines

  • Heavy duty and strong for industrial use
  • Adjustable electronic timer
  • Audio and visual sealing indicators
  • Impulse seal

Hand-Held Induction Sealing Machine

Detail product description
  1. High quality
  2. 2.Suitable for Induction foil cup sealing
  3. 3.Easy to operate
Technology parameter
Model: KPL-GLF-500 Voltage: 220V/50Hz; 110V/60Hz Capacity: 12-30pcs/min Sealing diameter: 20-100MM Sealing Vessel height: height unlimited Dimension: 340*290*150MM Gross weight: 5KG Feature: KPL-GLF-500 series portable induction sealing machine is widely used for sealing compound film of plastic, aluminum foil, paper. Also, it has characteristic of small size, portable induction head, or site operation.

Semi-Automatic Bag Stitching Machines

  • Available in Twin Or Single needle, double Or Single thread,
  • parallel chain-stitchAutomatic & portable bag closing sewing machine.
  • Its strong construction and design offers long-life reliable performance requiring minimum maintenance.
  • These machines also features reinforced feed mechanism consisting of wider presser foot and feed dog with a bigger throat plate than conventional double chain-stitch bag closing machines for smoother, even and better looking plain and folded top closures. Ideal for gunny, Khaki, Polythene & Sisal bags closing

Tamper Evident Security Seals

Used in ensuring Safety of products during transportation. - Bolt Lock seals - Metal Ball Seals - Metal Flat Seals - Cable/ wire seals - Plastic smooth Seals - Plastic Groove seals - Arrow seals - Adhesive tape seals